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Leading IT services, consultation, and cybersecurity solutions for both commercial businesses and federal institutions.

Business Solutions

Keep your company going strong with help from SRG experts who will give you the best answers for your business. Arrange a meeting at your workplace and we can talk about what you need.

IT Support

It can be super frustrating when your computer isn’t working and you can’t fix it on your own. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! You can count on SRG tech experts to sort out any issue,  on-site.

Organizations Trust SRG for their solutions

Spectrum Research Group LLC - Cyber Security Specialists, MD

On-Location Services for Commercial & Governmental Organizations

SRG offers a wide range of services, including tasks like building advanced software systems and providing assistance for everyday computer problems. Our team is skilled in developing complex software structures and providing support for common computer issues. Whether you need help with intricate software design or basic technical support, SRG is here to assist you.


As a Service-Disabled Veteran and Minority Owned Small Business, Spectrum Research Group offers comprehensive intelligence and technology consulting services. Our vast experience encompasses approving, building, directing, and running intricate systems across multiple national agencies. Our offerings range from intricate software architecture development to the day-to-day tasks of help desk support.


Enterprise Planning

Assisting businesses and organizations develop strategies to protect digital assets and operations

System Integration

The design, installation, and management of security solutions to protect people, data, and property

Telecom Intelligence

Telcos’ unique stance to provide enterprises with cybersecurity, particularly amid other services like cloud

Cyber Security

Sophisticated strategies to assist enterprises in safeguarding their digital resources and functions, ranging from fundamental measures to intricate, specialized systems


Ensuring services are aligned with the needs of the business and its objectives as well as ensuring continuous maintaining inventory of all IT assets, both intangible and tangible

IT Staffing

Providing IT staff for organizations that do not have the resources to employ dedicated teams to manage systems to maintain consistent cyber security and protection

ServiceNow Platform

The ServiceNow platform for cybersecurity is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance an organization’s security posture.

Splunk Cloud Platform

A comprehensive, data-centric security operations platform that provides advanced security analytics, automated security operations, and integrated threat intelligence.

Development Solutions

Software security measures designed to address various security needs and risks, including those associated with cloud, data, and third-party relationships, thereby ensuring the protection of networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use

Spectrum Research Group LLC - Cyber Security Specialists, MD
Spectrum Research Group LLC - Cyber Security Specialists, MD
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SRG’s innovative software experts operate cohesively, driven by a singular objective – ensuring clients achieve the highest return on their investments!